Presentations Switched

We have switched Eric Hegedus and Irene Davis’ presentations on the CEU classroom. Irene’s Lecture that was meant to be given on Friday will now show up on Saturday’s module. Thanks!

Updated Slides | 9/30/22 9:10 AM

There has been an update to Irene Davis’ slides. Please visit her lectures in the CEU classroom and download the most up-to-date slides.

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Please make your way to the desk outside of the conference hall to check in. If you have any questions, locate a staff member wearing an orange name badge.

Frequently Asked Questions

The password will be displayed on the screen at the end of the day.

If you attended the Summit, but failed to get the password at the end of the day, please locate a staff member (wearing an orange name badge) or email us at

As soon as possible! The quicker you complete the survey, the quick we can send you your CEU Certification for the Summit. 

We will be emailing out the CEU Certificates the week after the Summit has concluded.

Yes. Talk to a staff member, or email, and we will get this for you.