NCCI Edits & Modifier 59: Version 28.3, Q4 2022

Rick Gawenda, PT

At the conclusion of this webinar presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Describe and understand column 1/column 2 NCCI edits and which CPT code(s) requires modifier 59
  • Be able to use the NCCI edit “cheat sheet” to append modifier-59 to the correct CPT code(S) on the claim form
  • Recite how one discipline’s billing may cause another discipline’s billing to require modifier 59
  • Understand the documentation that must be present in the medical record to support the use of modifier 59
  • Summarize the current payment status of a physical or occupational therapy evaluation or reevaluation when billed on the same date of service as an emergency department visit
Thursday October 13th. 2022
Lecture 3/4