Don't Let Insurance Stop Your Road to Recovery

At Mountain Land, we remove the barriers of accidents so you can focus on your recovery.

This program is for those who have been involved in a personal injury

Auto Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Slip & Fall Injuries

Dog Bites

Your Road to Recovery Starts Here

Fill out the form below and our Personal Injury Specialist will be in contact with you shortly.

How it works: In addition to being experts at helping you get back to full function, we also understand the nature of personal injury cases. We can connect you to legal counsel and work directly with your attorney to provide documentation and progress reports as you continue on your road to recovery. We provide physical therapy services on a lien so that you don’t have to worry about payment until after your personal injury case has resolved.

Physical Therapist working on a patient

4 Ways We Help You Recover

The Next 3 Steps For You to Take

Step 1

Fill out the contact form above. 

Step 2

Talk with a Mountain Land Personal Injury Specialist to schedule a Physical Therapy Appointment near your home or work.

Step 3

Meet with a Mountain Land Physical Therapist to begin your road to recovery. 

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