Ankle/Foot Injuries

At Mountain Land Physical Therapy, we want you back to living life’s most meaningful endeavors, that is why our experienced therapists treat a variety of conditions. Based on your situation, potential symptoms, and goals, we can create a customizable treatment plan just for you. Found below are potential causes and symptoms for this condition to better help you understand what may be causing you pain.

Achilles Tendinitis 

  • Pain in the back of the calf towards the heel 
  • Pain with jumping or running 
  • Stiffness in calf 

Ankle Sprain 

  • Swelling and discoloration in acute cases
  • Difficulty/pain bending the ankle or turning foot inward 
  • Pain/difficulty walking 
  • Instability leading to further injury

Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction 

  • Flattening of feet 
  • Pain in the inside of the ankle
  • Weakness of feet 
  • Poor balance 

Plantar Fasciitis 

  • Pain in the arch of the foot, usually toward the heel 
  • Pain with first steps in the morning 
  • Pain with prolonged standing or walking 
  • Stiffness of feet 


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