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Mountain Land Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation specializes in outpatient physical therapy and is privately owned by therapists. Founded by Mark A. Anderson, PT in 1984, the company has grown to over 40 clinic locations throughout Idaho, Utah, and Montana and now includes over 550 employees.


Mountain Land is known throughout the country for being a national leader in clinical excellence and customer service. This is derived from innovation and never settling for the “norm”.  Mountain Land encourages staff to pursue any specialty or idea they are passionate about. From hosting annual conferences in running and pelvic health, to incorporating time saving technology to the front office, Mountain Land endorses entrepreneurial spirit in every employee.


Our clinics and offices are located in areas that have easy access to beautiful mountains and outdoor recreation, resulting in an abundance of employees who love getting outside and being active. If you feel you would thrive in a company like Mountain Land, browse our open positions below. We look forward to meeting you!


We Promote Active, Healthy Lifestyles

Benefits and Perks

Employees at Mountain Land work in exciting and challenging settings everyday. Our reputation of quality is fueling growth across our full spectrum of services. We are growing to serve the Western United States. 

Health Insurance Benefits:

Mountain Land Rehabilitation insurance provides a broad range of services through a network of participating physicians, hospital and urgent care facilities. Our plan provides catastrophic coverage and benefits for eligible inpatient and outpatient services, rehabilitation services, preventive care, pharmacy, mental health and adoptions.

Mountain Land Rehabilitation pays a significant portion of the premium for health insurance benefits. Employee’s contribution toward premium is paid on pre-tax basis.


Dental Insurance:

Dental benefits offer 100% coverage for preventative services and provide partial benefits for restorative work and orthodontia.


Discount Vision Services Program:

Membership into discount vision service providers club provides 10-60% discounts on frames, lenses, contacts and eyewear accessories. Yearly routine eye exams are also covered under the health plan.


Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation Programs:

Reimbursement dollars available for completion of programs to support employee life style changes.


Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA):

Save on taxes by using this before-tax account to pay for up to $4000 in eligible healthcare expenses.

Life Insurance & Accidental Dismemberment:

Mountain Land Rehabilitation offers Basic Life Insurance at no cost to you. One times your annual salary up to $25,000. Basic life family coverage is also provided. Spousal coverage is $5,000. Child: 14 days to six months $200. Child: Six months to age 19 $2,000 (to age 26 if full-time student).

Conversion is available for both employee and dependent coverage.


Additional Insurance:

Global Emergency Services, Seat Belt Benefit, Career Adjustment Benefit, Child Care Benefit, Common Disaster Benefit are additional insurances offered through our Basic Life insurance coverage.

401(K) & Roth 401(K) Plans:

Eligible employees* can save a percentage of their pre-tax or after tax earnings toward retirement. These investment funds offer a variety of investment choices, including a full range of mutual funds. Loans are available. Fully vested after 5 years.

Eligible to start on first enrollment date after hire

ENROLLMENT DATES: January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1

*21 years of age and status of 20+ hours per week.

Continuing Education Benefit:

The policy of Mountain Land Rehabilitation is to provide the opportunity for continuing education to its management and professional staff. We encourages eligible employees to participate in job related Continuing Education to enhance skills and abilities and increase knowledge of current trends and innovations within the industry. We provide a generous sum of up to $1500.00 depending on position.


Professional Licensure Renewal:

MLR will reimburse for license renewal upon receipts submitted for reimbursement. This benefit will be in addition to the existing continuing education benefit.

Paid Time Off (PTO):

Professional employees accrue up to 21 days a year depending on average hours worked. Non-professional employees accrue 16 days a year depending on average hours worked. One additional day added for each year of service for six years. PTO can be used for vacation, holidays, short-term illness and personal business. PTO is paid at the base rate. Part-time employees accrue PTO on a pro-rated basis based on average hours worked.


Funeral Leave:

Paid funeral leave is available to full-time employees who lose a family member. Up to 3 days for loss of an immediate family member.


Jury/Witness Duty:

Eligible employees will receive pay to replace scheduled hours (less jury stipend) for the first two weeks when called to jury or witness duty in response to a court order.

Adoption Benefits:

A cash benefit of $2500 per adoption is available to parents who place an adopted child in their home.


Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA):

Save on taxes by using this account to pay pre-tax for eligible child care or elderly care expenses incurred while you work.

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