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What is a HydroWorx system?

HydroWorx has pioneered a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of physical therapy, sports medicine, and conditioning with its patented integrated underwater treadmill. Operating seamlessly, these states of the art aquatic treadmills offer a gradual acceleration ranging from 0.1 to 10 miles per hour, enabling users to accurately emulate walking, running, or sports-specific actions. Importantly, this is achieved without subjecting the body to the weight and joint strain typical of land-based activities. The myriad advantages of utilizing an underwater treadmill encompass:

  • Facilitation of early range of motion.
  • Initiation of gait training within a low-impact aquatic environment.
  • Faithful replication of the correct biomechanics seen in land-based movements, thereby enhancing gait patterns.
  • Enhancement of cardiovascular endurance.
  • Acceleration of healing and fortification of injured tissues.
  • Positive influence on muscle strengthening.

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