Our Core Value of Caring Company Culture is more than just a catchy term, we truly care about our patients, Staff, and profession. If you see or hear anything that causes you concern, we want to hear about it.
Our Core Value of Integrity means we always strive to do the right thing. Whether you want a personal follow-up or prefer to drop an anonymous note, be assured that we will take your communication seriously. We will conduct investigations and follow up as appropriate with each concern brought to our attention.
Our Core Values of Clinical Excellence and Exceptional Customer Service mean that we want to be the best. It is through this process that we learn how we can get closer to achieving that. We know that processes can always be improved, and our team is dedicated to reaching higher elevations of excellence.

Mountain Land Listens

"Mountain Land has been committed to doing the right things for the right reasons since its inception in 1984. However, we formalized our commitment in 2008 when we added a Certified Healthcare Compliance Officer to our leadership team. Since that day, we have continuously invested into developing our Compliance Program. We are grateful for the culture of compliance that has organically spread throughout Mountain Land as we have remained committed to our program. It is Mountain Land's commitment and culture to operate with 100% compliance with all laws, and in a circumstance when we fall short, we admit our errors and follow the proper corrective pathways. It's the combination of our Program and our culture that allows us to serve our patients and expand our services with confidence and in a way we can all be proud."

Rick Lybbert


For more information about our comprehensive Compliance Program, click through our program elements below, or contact our Compliance Team.

In addition to our Mission, Vision, and Core Values, we keep a comprehensive set of policies and procedures to meet regulatory requirements and support functional operations. We also retain expert counsel for decisions requiring specialized knowledge. 


This is the foundation of how we do business- the rules we play by.

Our Compliance Program is overseen by the MLPT Board of Managers and is designed and administered by a professional who is Certified in Healthcare Compliance. Our Program and related documents are reviewed annually to ensure they are up to date with industry standards and best practices.  


This is the design of our compliance program, including qualified leadership and these 7 elements.

We have many processes in place to support due diligence when assigning authority, including monthly OIG exclusion list screening, background checks, and vetting for Conflicts of Interest. We also include compliance related questions in exit interviews.  


This is the work we do to ensure the people and businesses we work with are qualified and aligned with our Core Values.

In collaboration with Compliance, our Learning and Development department produces timely, accurate, and effective compliance education for all MLPT Team Members. Contractors and vendors with levels of access and authority are also bound to our Compliance & Ethics Guide.  


This is how we ensure the people and businesses we work with are informed about their compliance obligations and empowered to meet them.

We perform regular Risk Assessments for each Department to ensure compliance, promote a culture of continual improvement, and to help guide our monitoring efforts. Ongoing clinical audits & monitors include comprehensive annual on-site surveys of each clinic, and regular billing, scheduling, and documentation audits of each therapist. We also widely publicize the methods to report a compliance concern, including contacting a Compliance Team member, calling the Compliance Direct Line, or using the anonymous online web form.   


This is how we verify that our training and education are working and find weaknesses in our systems. It includes all ways that information about risk may come to us, from audits to Staff reporting concerns.

We utilize a Progressive Discipline policy to ensure consistently enforced, fair, and timely feedback for non-compliance. Incentives are designed to require quality and compliance before productivity is considered. 


These are the ways we reinforce our commitment to compliance- the motivation to comply and consequences for non-compliance.

When non-compliance is reported or suspected, the issue is investigated promptly, thoroughly, and discreetly.  When non-compliance is substantiated, Corrective Action Plans are created and administered to correct the issues identified. Compliance also collaborates with the relevant Departments to perform a root cause analysis and determine what measures will be taken to prevent further or future harm. This may include increased training, modifying policies, putting new monitors in place, or many other measures intended to increase awareness and align incentives with compliance.   


This is our commitment to continuous improvement through researching concerns and identifying and improving the fundamental issues behind non-compliance.

Courtney Liszka

Executive Director of Compliance & Ethics

Brian White

Privacy Officer

Keith Miller

Director of it & Security

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