Osteoarthritis Joint Preservation

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We provide periodic physical therapy treatment of manual therapy and exercise for patients with hip and knee osteoarthritis to improve function and reduce the immediate need for joint replacement. Patients with primary osteoarthritis of the hip or knee can benefit from a semi-annual or annual episode of physical therapy care to improve or maintain function with daily activities, in conjunction at times with medical management.


Osteoarthritis Joint Preservation at our clinic involves:

  • Manual therapy including joint mobilizations and tissue massage
  • Balance training
  • Exercise for strengthening and flexibility
  • Cardiovascular fitness progression.
  • We also use heat, ice, and electrotherapy modalities for pain relief.

Osteoarthritis Joint Preservation helps improve:

  • Walking endurance
  • Speed and balance
  • Leg strength and flexibility
  • Joint range of motion
  • Reducing the immediate need for surgery
  • Improving function with the community and home activities.

The overall goal of our program is to support active and healthy lifestyles in our patients! Patients can maximize time until joint replacement, reducing the need for a 2nd replacement in the future, and improving function with daily activities.



Do I need a referral from my physician?

Depending on insurance, you may. Medicare does require a referral from your physician. We can assist in obtaining this if you would like!

How long will therapy be?

Most hip or knee osteoarthritis therapy programs will reach maximal benefit for the patient between 8-10 weeks, and with 1-2 visits per week; 8-16 visits total is normal.

I have pain with walking and standing. What type of exercises will I do?

An exercise program at therapy and for home use will be individualized; exercises for strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness can generally be performed without walking or standing.

Can I perform physical therapy along with injections to my knee or hip?

Yes! In fact, frequently the benefits of manual therapy and exercise are greater with injections, vs without injections.

Physical Therapist helping patient with his knee joint
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