Mountain Land

Health Insurance Benefits:

Mountain Land Physical Therapy insurance provides a broad range of services through a network of participating physicians, hospital and urgent care facilities. Our plan provides catastrophic coverage and benefits for eligible inpatient and outpatient services, rehabilitation services, preventive care, pharmacy, mental health and adoptions.

Mountain Land Physical Therapy pays a significant portion of the premium for health insurance benefits, covering 89% of the Employee’s coverage. Employee’s contribution toward premium is paid on pre-tax basis.

We offer a Traditional Copay Plan with copays as low as $10 to see your doctor. We also offer a Value plan with a low monthly premium that can be uses for additional tax savings with a Health Savings Account that you get to choose!

Dental Insurance:

Dental benefits offer 100% coverage for preventative services and provide partial benefits for restorative work and orthodontia.

Discount Vision Services Program:

Membership into discount vision service providers club provides 10-60% discounts on frames, lenses, contacts and eyewear accessories. Yearly routine eye exams are also covered under the health plan.

Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA):

Save on taxes by using this before-tax account to pay for up to $3,050 in eligible healthcare expenses.

Health Savings Account (HSA):

If you participate in our Value HSA plan, you can contribute tax-free dollars to a Health Savings Account (HSA). In addition to a very low monthly premium,  Mountain Land will give you $750 to help cover your medical costs.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA):

Save on taxes by using this account to pay pre-tax for eligible child care or elderly care expenses incurred while you work.

Life Insurance & Accidental Dismemberment:

Mountain Land Physical Therapy offers Basic Life at no cost to you. You are covered with $25,000, your Spouse with $5,000, and children at $2,000. You can purchase additional coverage up to $500,000 for yourself and up to $250,000 for your spouse.

Disability Coverage:

You can choose to purchase Short-term and/or Long-term disability coverage for yourself. Short-term disability will cover 60% of your weekly income for up to 11 weeks of time when you are out for a disability or pregnancy. Long-term disability will cover 60% of your monthly income after 90 days of being disabled.

Additional Insurances:

Additional Insurance: In addition to the Life and Disability Insurance, you may choose to purchase Critical Illness and Accident coverages. Speak to someone in HR for details.

401(K) & Roth 401(K) Plans:

Eligible employees* can save a percentage of their pre-tax or after tax earnings toward retirement. These investment funds offer a variety of investment choices, including a full range of mutual funds. Loans are available. You are vested with 20% of what we give you every year and are fully vested after 5 years. All of your contributions are 100% vested from day 1..

Eligible to start on first enrollment date after hire

ENROLLMENT DATES: January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1

*21 years of age and a regular schedule.

Continuing Education Benefit:

We value Clinical Excellence and the sacrifices you have made to gain experience and education. Full-time licensed staff receive up to $1,500 of Continuing Education funds to be used at your discretion. This increases to $2,000 if you are dual licensed as an Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist. Therapy Assistants and part-time staff have 50% of this benefit. Non-licensed positions are given in-house learning and continuing education and are also granted Education Benefits depending on their position.


Paid Time Off (PTO):

Mountain Land Employees can accrue up to 20 days of PTO. This is in addition to our 7 days of Holiday Pay. Accrual depends on the number of hours you work per week and your tenure. Based on your position, full-time New Hires accrue either 10 or 15 days the first year and will add an additional day each year.

Bereavement Leave:

If you are full-time, Mountain Land will give you additional time to grieve when you lose a loved one. Time off to mourn a loss is in addition to any other leave and is depending on the nature of the relationship.

Jury/Witness Duty:

Eligible employees will receive pay to replace scheduled hours (less jury stipend) for the first two weeks when called to jury or witness duty in response to a court order.

Adoption Benefits:

A cash benefit of $2500 per adoption is available to parents who place an adopted child in their home.


Weight Management 

Up to $200 per year to assist employees that are trying to maintain a healthy diet and/or that are working to manage their weight.

Smoking Cessation Programs:

Up to $150 per year to assist employees that are quitting tobacco use. 

Personal Fitness:

Up to $150 per year to support and promote an active, healthy lifestyle.