2022 Staff Photo Contest!

It’s the last few weeks to submit for the 2022 Staff Photo Contest! This years deadline to submit photos is October 17th! We are looking for fun, exciting, high-quality images that reflect the active lifestyles of our team members, patients, families, and friends. These should be photos that reflect Mountain Land’s mission to restore, support, and promote active and healthy lifestyles. This year we will only be accepting photos that show people being active. 

The winning photos will be included in the upcoming 2023 Mountain Land Calendar, and the photographers will each be rewarded with a $50 gift card! If you don’t think of yourself as a photographer, don’t worry! Many past winning photos have been taken with cell phones and small action cameras by staff members just out for a quick hike, bike or run.

Last Years Winners

Here are some tips for making a winning photo:

Get people in your photo, but capture them in an activity, not just smiling for the camera. It can also be a photo of you in an active setting. Silhouettes and shots from behind are great because it lets people imagine they are there in the scene. Just no scenery photos.

Only submit wide (landscape) orientation photos. Tall (portrait) orientation photos don’t fit in our calendar template. Submit the best quality, highest file-size copy you have. Instagram photos look great on phones but they are much too small for printing on a calendar.

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