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Degenerative Lumbar Spine Therapy

What We Can Help With:

While there’s no way to reverse a degenerative lumbar spine condition, there are many ways to compensate for and decrease pain. Our goal is to help patients understand their condition so that they can apply simple pain-relieving techniques in their lifes. Oftentimes a patient can function with relatively little or no pain with simple modifications and treatments.

Pain While Sitting

Lumbar spine degeneration can worsen sitting pain due to nerve compression and disc degeneration.

Pain While Standing

Lumbar spine degeneration can compress nerves and cause pain while standing due to added pressure on the affected area.

Pain in Legs

Lumbar spine issues cause back pain, sciatica, and leg discomfort. Physical Therapy can reduce pain and improve mobility.

Pain after Working

Back damage causes pain and limited movement due to various issues such as inflammation and nerve problems.

Pain After Excercise

Wearing of lumbar spine causes painful exercise due to disc/joint problems, inflammation, etc.

Pain While Walking

Without disc support, pressure on spinal bones may cause walking pain from muscle, nerve, and joint strain.

Meet our lumbar spine Therapist

James Horrocks, PT

James earned a Bachelor’s degree in Human Anatomy and Physical Therapy from the University of Utah. He is a Nationally Certified Vestibular Specialist, a physical therapy dance specialist, has trained in Strain-Counterstrain manual therapy, and has a special interest in low back pain. 

James specializes in post-surgical orthopedics including, but not limited to, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle rehabilitation. James has a key interest in the management of low back pain which includes employment of manual therapy, Strain-Counterstrain, lifestyle adjustments, and biomechanical modifications. The goal of this highly faceted approach is to reduce unwanted forces on the spine that in turn enhances an individual’s quality of life. Additionally, he specializes in pelvic dysfunction and nerve mobilization. James is passionate about understanding and healing not the condition but the individual, and helping patients get back to doing what they love.

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