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How Physical Therapy Helped Travis Kelce Prepare for the Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is finally here, at Mountain Land Physical Therapy we are looking forward to watching the matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. There is no doubt that Physical Therapy plays a huge role in making sure that every player can perform at their highest potential while avoiding injuries. Travis Kelce, the starting tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs, talked about his appreciation for his Physical Therapists and the Chiefs training staff, saying “[they] keep us healthy all year and keep us on the field for the biggest games of the season”.


Prior to the conference championship game versus the Cincinnati Bengals, Travis Kelce was a game time decision on whether he would play due to back spasms he got from a practice earlier in the week. Kelce credits his Physical Therapy staff for helping him get ready to play in that game, where he ended up with 78 yards and a touchdown. Kelce went on to say that one of his favorite treatment modalities from his Physical Therapy staff is Dry Needling and Cupping.


At Mountain Land Physical Therapy, we love to see the example set by professional athletes of the importance of taking care of our bodies to do the sports, training, or other physical activities we love to do. You don’t have to be preparing to play in the Super Bowl this weekend to visit a physical therapist— at Mountain Land we are happy to help everyone achieve their full athletic potential.



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