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Running Video Analysis

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At Mountain Land, we’re passionate about helping runners improve their running mechanics and avoid injuries. That’s why we offer our Running Video Analysis as well as training in proper running mechanics. Our therapists are experienced in working with both competitive and recreational runners and have the skills and knowledge to help you run your best.

Our running video analysis is helpful for all runners, whether you’re in pain or injured, or you’re looking to improve your overall running performance. Our therapists will help you define and reach your goals.


How Running Video Analysis Works

The Running Video Analysis begins with a therapist reviewing your running mechanics and motion as you run on a treadmill. They will record your run using a high frame rate camera and use this video to provide visual feedback of your running motion.

Once you’ve completed the test, your therapist will review their findings with you based on the video analysis and offer some feedback about your running style, posture and motion. An in-depth physical evaluation will identify areas of weakness, tightness, and other asymmetries that result in mechanical dysfunction. Your therapist will work with you on stretching and strengthening your core, hips, knees, legs, and ankles so that your body can better handle the stresses of running.

Your therapist will also help you develop a personalized treatment program for you based on the results of your running video analysis and your specific needs and goals. They may also recommend follow-up visits to help you achieve your goals and make necessary changes to your running motion. Recent studies have shown that runners can achieve the muscle memory necessary to run with good mechanics in as little as eight training visits. During those eight visits your therapist will provide you with the tools and training tips to continue to run without pain.


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