Derek Overly

Derek Overly, MSPT

President and Co-founder of Therapy West

Derek Overly, Co-founder of Therapy West, has a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from TWU in Houston, Texas. He also graduated from BYU with a BS in Business Management and Psychology. Derek and Joe Howe started their partnership after Derek’s graduation in 1996. At the time, Therapy West was a team of 6 employees. Now, after a lot of hard work by so many, Therapy West is a team of nearly 50 employees serving the greater central Utah area.

Derek is a member of the Utah Physical Therapy Association and the Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association. He currently has the pleasure of serving on the Western Rehab and Health Network board, as well as previously serving on Zion’s Bank Advisory Board.

His real interest is in his family and the success of his children. “I have a wife who is beautiful in so many ways and children who strive to do what is right before God, their families, and their respective communities, Derek said.”

Derek’s responsibilities at work have moved from a focus on patient care to managing Therapy West to “ensure we continue our legacy of excellent rehab care by all our team members and to expand our reach to the incredible people of central Utah.

“If I’ve got a free minute and I get to choose where to go and what to do, I’m probably going to choose to see and to be a part of nature. I love the beauty of God’s creations, there’s not a Picasso or Rembrandt that comes close to what I’ve seen in nature,” Derek said. He also said, “but to each their own and I respect that God created each of us differently and I have the ability to appreciate, respect, and even enjoy the differences. This is what creates the wonderful tapestry of colors of humanity”.

In conclusion, Derek referenced an African proverb. If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.

“I choose to go together with the good people in my life and I’m grateful for them. — Derek