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Treating Infant Torticollis: Early Intervention and Physical Therapy

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Infant torticollis, characterized by a head tilt or one-directional gaze, is a common condition in babies. It can be caused by a tight muscle in the neck and may be present at birth (congenital) or develop after birth (acquired). However, there’s no need to worry as infant torticollis is treatable in most cases. In this post, we’ll explore how early intervention and physical therapy can help your baby overcome this condition and reach their full potential.

Understanding Infant Torticollis: Infant torticollis occurs when a baby has a tight muscle on one side of their neck, causing the head to tilt or turn. It can be congenital or acquired due to various factors such as positioning in the womb or birth-related injuries.

Signs and Symptoms:

To identify infant torticollis, look out for these signs:

  1. Head tilt: Your baby consistently tilts their head to one side.
  2. Limited neck movement: Difficulty in moving the neck freely in all directions.
  3. Flattening on one side of the head: Flat spots on the head due to prolonged pressure.
  4. Asymmetrical posture: Imbalances or asymmetry in the baby’s posture.
  5. Feeding preference: Preferring to feed from one side only.

Taking Action:

Early Intervention and Physical Therapy To help your baby with infant torticollis, take these steps:

  1. Encourage neck movement: During playtime, gently encourage your baby to turn their head in both directions. Use toys or objects to capture their attention on the non-preferred side.
  2. Consult a physical therapist: Reach out to a pediatric physical therapist who can provide specialized exercises and guidance. They will assess your baby’s condition and create a tailored plan to improve neck mobility and muscle strength.
  3. Consider a helmet consult: If you notice any flat spots on your baby’s head around the 3-month mark, consult a specialist who deals with cranial orthotics. They can evaluate your baby’s head shape and provide recommendations if necessary.


Infant torticollis is a treatable condition that can be addressed through early intervention and physical therapy. By encouraging neck movement, seeking guidance from a physical therapist, and considering a helmet consult if needed, you can support your baby’s development. Remember, your actions today can make a significant difference in your baby’s future. Embrace those adorable smiles as your little one reaches their full potential.

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