Student Program

Mountain Land Physical Therapy is enthusiastic about education and dedicated to the advancement of our professions. We welcome the opportunity to assist in the training of students to be the next great generation of clinicians. Please refer below to find the right opportunity for you based on the type of student you are.

We provide clinical affiliations for students pursuing the following degrees:

      • Physical Therapy
      • Physical Therapy Assistant
      • Athletic Training

If you are interested in completing a clinical affiliation with Mountain Land Physical Therapy, please contact us at or call (801) 942-3311 x 1425.

Doctor and Associates of Physical Therapy Students

Clinical placements are offered at Mountain Land Physical Therapy clinics in Idaho, Montana and Utah. We typically reserve roughly 100 clinical placements annually to students who fit our core values and are excited to learn as much as possible. Check out our Clinical Instructors by using the link below and email for more information.

Undergraduate and High School Students

Physical Therapist assess patient

Shadowing Opportunities

If you are looking to get your feet wet in the medical field, we would love to help! Mountain Land offers unpaid shadowing opportunities to anyone who would like to spend a few hours in the clinics. If interested, fill out the form and we will set up a time for you to observe one of our therapists.

Pre-Physical Therapy Pathway

If your goal is to get into PT school, we recommend considering our Pre-PT Pathway. This is a course that involves paid clinical hours working as a PT Tech or Office Coordinator in one of Mountain Land’s 40+ outpatient clinics, and roughly 30 hours of informative videos from our therapists discussing the following topics to get you into PT school. For more information and application instructions, please use the link below.