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Give it up to Breanna Jackson, PTA!

Give it up to Breanna Jackson, PTA at our Kanab clinic! Breanna earned her AAS degree in home health and orthopedic rehabilitation from Salt Lake Community College in 2016. She is passionate about working with older adults, individuals dealing with conditions like MD and Parkinson’s, and those in hospice care.

Her therapy approach focuses on empowering patients through understanding the “why” behind their treatments. Her personal inspiration for this field comes from her own injuries and her experience with her terminally ill mother-in-law.

Outside of work, Breanna is a dedicated mom to three kids and actively participates in their sports and activities. She enjoys staying active with weightlifting and HIIT workouts, as well as being part of a cookbook club. Family sports like pickleball, tennis, and basketball are her favorite ways to spend quality time. Breanna’s family also loves exploring new travel adventures together.


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