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Say Hello to Emily Holland, PTA!

Say hello to Emily Holland, PTA, at our Kanab clinic! Emily graduated from Dixie State University in May 2022, where she obtained her Physical Therapist Assistant degree. She is also set to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration in Summer 2023.
Emily’s interest in physical therapy began when she suffered a knee injury and had surgery at the age of 16. She was impressed by the atmosphere of the PT clinic and decided to pursue a career in this field. Emily is passionate about helping others improve their physical health and well-being and is committed to helping them achieve their goals.
Outside the clinic, Emily enjoys spending time with her family. She loves to be outdoors and engage in activities such as hiking, boating, skiing, camping, and eating delicious food with her loved ones. Some of her favorite places to visit are her in-law’s ranch, Yellowstone, and Lake Powell.


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