Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Mountain Land Physical Therapy provides post-surgical rehabilitation for many different surgeries. Some of the surgeries we provide post-surgical treatment for include: Joint Replacement Surgery Total hip replacement surgery Knee surgery Total and partial shoulder replacement surgery Soft Tissue and Tendon Reconstruction Rotator cuff Biceps ACL Meniscus Achilles Hamstring Plantar Fasciitis Spinal Surgeries Neck Lower Back […]

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Person with chronic pain

Chronic Pain

This program introduces a new model for understanding and treating pain, emphasizing the importance of considering both biological and psychosocial factors. It criticizes the traditional approach of solely focusing on pain intensity and relief and advocates for active rehabilitation and patient empowerment. The model highlights pain as part of the body’s stress response and encourages

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Lateral Hip Pain

Soft tissue hip pain relief therapy is meant to improve patient outcomes with soft tissue-related hip pain specifically at the lateral hip. Oftentimes these patients have been diagnosed with Trochanteric Bursitis, Gluteal Tendonitis, Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome, or Piriformis Syndrome. Differential diagnoses would include low back pain with radiating symptoms and hip osteoarthritis. Typically these

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What is a HydroWorx system? HydroWorx has pioneered a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of physical therapy, sports medicine, and conditioning with its patented integrated underwater treadmill. Operating seamlessly, these states of the art aquatic treadmills offer a gradual acceleration ranging from 0.1 to 10 miles per hour, enabling users to accurately emulate walking, running, or

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EMG and Nerve Conduction

Electromyography Electromyography or EMG, serves as a diagnostic procedure employed to assess the well-being of muscles and their associated nerves. Through EMG testing, medical professionals can identify potential muscle dysfunction, nerve abnormalities, or any disruptions in the signal transmission between muscles and nerves, providing valuable insights into your overall neuromuscular health. What to Expect During the EMG procedure, a small

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